Thursday, August 11, 2022


 A year ago, my grandma left this world to be on a happier place, after a month fighting against Covid.

A year after, I came to accept that you'll never stop feeling that specific pain wrapped around your heart. And that's alright.

I know grandma is somewhere near me, watching over me wherever she is.

I love you so much, grandma. If only you knew how much we miss you down here...

Monday, August 8, 2022

Food! Food! Food!


Here are some food I tried out recently!

Bacio di Latte gelato:

There's a truck at the mall I work in for years and I didn't have the nerve to try it out before because it's... Expensive. But turns out it's actually really good. Though, at the same time, I still think it's a bit overpriced. I got macadamia and Belgian chocolate.

Would I get it again? Absolutely. Lol

Specially because the macadamia gelato is an absolute delight! (✷‿✷)

McDonald's fries with cheddar and bacon... And Kewpie mayo!

Okay so this isn't exactly new to me as I LOVE, WORSHIP AND ADORE these McFries, but I had just got a few bottles of Kewpie mayo when I headed to McDonald's and decided to add some awesome Kewpie to it!

Tastes like HEAVEN! Kewpie is the BEST! (*´ω`*)

Mashed potatoes with Kewpie mayo:

I want to put Kewpie onto everything and I was so excited to make myself some mashed potatoes with it! (๑♡⌓♡๑)

It's a very simple recipe, just cook some potatoes with salt, smash them and stir with as much Kewpie as you want. I added oregano because I LOVE potatoes with oregano but it's up to you to spice it however you like best.

I'll definitely do it again more frequently! It's easy and unbelievable delicious! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Friday, August 5, 2022

My stupidest GET (≧▽≦)

I need someone to take my credit card off me lol

I entered a konbini to get myself a chocolate bar and found this shit at the magazine display:

This box has 36 Disney Princesses rings.

I'm obsessed with Disney Princess and cute accessories. And it was cheap.

(Please don't mind my awful nails lol)

But I'm not staying with all of those 36 rings for myself!!! I'm sharing it with friends and children (✿^‿^)


Thursday, August 4, 2022

Melissa GET

So today after lunch I was passing by the Melissa store at the mall and I spotted real-life Cinderella's shoes but make them jelly:

I've been dreaming of heeled jelly shoes for years and I understood it as a sign of God.

They have just arrived for in their new collection, so I paid full price and I'll have a debt for a few more months, but honestly, who cares?

If these ain't the most GORGEOUS shoes you've ever seen, you're lying.

I needed them in my life.

I'm now officially a modern-day, late millennial Cinderella.

I may have no money left now but at least I'll still look hot. Priorities.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

☆July's favorite movies☆

As promised, I'll list my top 5 favorite movies of this month!

In case you didn't know yet, I'm what people call a "cinephile". I left my Languages major to pursue my dream of becoming a filmmaker and there aren't much things that I love as much as cinema and filmmaking. Hopefully, one day I'll make a movie about gyaru!

I want to share my love with you guys by commenting five of the movies I recently watched every month!

1. Minari:

It's no news that Korean media is taking all over the mainstream, and I'm so glad that after "Parasite", Korean movies are now so praised and globally recognized.

Produced by my so much treasured A24, "Minari" is both a treat to the eyes and heart. Tenderness is all over the place in this one. While the premise is simple, every single detail is so stunning.

I was already a fan of Han YeRi because I first saw her in "Hello, My Twenties" and it was love at the first sight. The whole cast delivers outstanding acting, including the little and lovely Alan Kim!

2. X:

Also produced by A24, this one is a very raunchy slasher horror, as it follows a group of up-and-coming porn stars in the making of their new movie in a farm owned by a creepy old couple. So if you're not into sex scenes... Skip this one. It is what it suggests by its name and synopsis.

But if you're in the mood for blood all over the screen combined with horny young adults (and some not so young), hop in! It pays homage to classic slashers in all of their glory, but at the same time presents much more likeable characters.

The soundtrack and sound editing were my favorite part of this movie. So smart and atmospheric.

Mia Goth plays both the uprising porn actress Maxine and the elderly lady Pearl and if she doesn't get an Oscar nomination for this, I won't be watching the awards next year. Not to mention that a spin-off prequel, "Pearl", is coming out in September!!! By the way, did you know Mia is half-Brazilian? ( ◜‿◝ )♡

3. Jennifer's Body:

ALRIGHT, I know you might be asking yourself "how the hell has she never seen this one???".

The thing is, I just recently found out I'm into horror, so I was never really interested in this movie until recently.

"Jennifer's Body" is being rediscovered by the internet and not so long ago had its reputation of being a bad movie completely erased. There are people APOLOGIZING to Megan Fox for it previous harsh reception.

But here's my opinion: it is good. It is REALLY good. The only flaw is not playing Hole's "Jennifer's Body" at anytime.

Love Amanda Seyfried and the supporting cast. As for Fox, not that much, but I don't blame her for Hollywood always giving her the same old roles every single movie.

4. 10 Promises to My Dog:

Absolute crying material.

It's about a tween girl who finds a Golden Retriever puppy in her yard followed by the passing of her mom. As the time flies by and adulthood knocks in, she becomes more and more distant of her loyal four-legged friend.

Dog movies will always make my heart glow and my eyes water. The second and last act of this movie made me a trainwreck of tears.

If you love puppies and heartbreaking movies, go for it!

5. Fyre:

A Netflix documentary regarding the fraudulent Fyre Festival and its aftermath. I was curious to watch it after a recent geek con in Brazil caused a lot of buzz and was called the "Brazilian Fyre Festival". I won't get in details, but said con was just as real as this one festival.

If you already hate the rich, you'll hate them even more after this doc. It's almost like an essay on white privilege, the power the rich has over people and how desperate people are to live an Instagram life.

And as someone who grew up watching my parents plan parties and events, the whole "planning" of this festival got in my nerves. Yikes!

And that's it for July!

Which movies you've watched recently? (◕દ◕)


Sunday, July 31, 2022


 Gooooood afternoon!

I woke up a lot better today! While my neck is still a little bit painful, I can finally move it all the way around!

Today I did my makeup listening to Beyoncé's new albumRENAISSANCE. You guys should totally check it out! It's amazing!

Before leaving home ~

Right now at work and with my hair done ~

Also, I'll be posting this month's favorite movies very soon!!! Keep an eye out!



There are days where things are simply... Not working lol

Today was one of those days.

I woke up late for work with less than 10 minutes to get myself ready – which caused me to put on my shirt turned inside out and I only realized when I came home, but I'll get there.

Because I was late, I couldn't prepare my lunchbox. After the thrill of being late faded away, I noticed I have torticollis on the left side of my neck. Later in the morning, I picked up my pill case and found out I left my muscular painkillers at home ( ≧Д≦) 

However, a customer realized that I was in pain and was kind enough to get me a painkiller and heat patches! She was so sweet! ( ◜‿◝ )♡

Then, because I had no lunch and absolutely no money, I reached out to three different friends to get some money borrowed so I could buy something to eat.

I asked my boss to leave as I was still in pain, and while walking on my way back home, I realized the thing about my shirt. 
Talk a about a total disaster!

I could do my makeup, but hairstyling was an absolute no-no.

Those were the best selfies I could take with my neck stiffed and tilted to the side

At least I tried, right? ಥ╭╮ಥ

When I got home, I slept until 20PM, I REALLY needed that much rest.

As I was still in pain, I couldn't cook anything and all I could have for dinner was a portion of Gohan that was already in the fridge (ᗒᗩᗕ) could this day get any worse?

I can now only hope for this pain to go away quickly!!!!!

How do you guys like the new header? (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Took me an hour to make it on PicsArt but I'm really proud of the results!

I wanted it to look early 2010's-ish, Popteen and Ageha inspired (ʃƪ^3^)

I really needed this new header as the previous one had a SUPER DUPER OLD selfie lol


 A year ago, my grandma left this world to be on a happier place, after a month fighting against Covid. A year after, I came to accept that ...